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Ensuring Accountability

Ensuring Accountability describes the annual cycle of planning, budgeting, reporting and quality assurance which operates in the University of Melbourne, and sets out the Accountability Structure through which the University of Melbourne achieves its strategic goals and discharges its responsibilities to those to whom it is accountable. Through the Accountability Structure the University of Melbourne adheres to proper processes for the governance and management of its affairs and seeks to ensure it meets its compliance obligations.

The Accountability Structure is a coordinated annual program of corporate strategic planning, divisional business planning, budgeting and operational performance monitoring & reporting, quality assurance, and risk management. These activities are designed to ensure that, at University, faculty and graduate school, and divisional levels, the University’s various obligations are properly satisfied in a cost-effective and coordinated manner.

Ensuring Accountability draws from the Melbourne University Act 1958, the University Statutes & Regulations and relevant University policy documents. It is intended to function as a practical guide to the operation of the accountability framework for internal stakeholders, and to support external transparency and probity. Readers should refer to the current versions of governing legislation (including the Statutes & Regulations) for the University’s legal position. These documents are officially published in the University Calendar.

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