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General university publications

A range of publications are available which profile the University's history, structure, and policy positions on various public debates and issues. At a Glance; the Corporate Brochure; the Campus Tour Map; and Wandering Scholar; provide statistics, spectacular images; and interesting facts and statistics about the University, while Growing Esteem and the Bradley Review documents outline Melbourne's vision and position on higher education.

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Future student publications

Aimed at prospective students, the National Undergraduate Course Guide; the International Undergraduate Prospectus; the Graduate Study Guide; New Generation Degree brochures; the International Postgraduate Prospectus; and the Scholarships brochures provide advice on student life and course offerings at Melbourne, as well outlining the types of financial assistance available through scholarships.

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Research Publications

The popular and glossy annual Research Review magazine features stories about the University's research achievements and the staff and students at the forefront of innovation. The annual Research Report provides a comprehensive listing of research and publications and projects.

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Strategic plans

In 2005 the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Glyn Davis, led an extensive consultation process aimed at assessing the University's progress towards the Melbourne Agenda goals. Out of this process came a new strategic direction, summarised in Growing Esteem 2005 (PDF 1.7 Mb).

In early 2006 this was developed into Growing Esteem: The University of Melbourne Strategic Plan 2006 (PDF 488 kb).

From 1996 to 2005, the University's strategic direction was defined by a document called Melbourne Agenda (PDF 266 kb). This was supported by annual strategic plans, of which some historical copies are available:

Supporting the overall strategic direction are strategic plans for particular areas of University operation: research and research training; teaching and learning; and environmental sustainability.

Strategic plans for research and research training:

Strategic plans for teaching and learning:

Strategic plans for environmental sustainability:

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Other corporate publications

A suite of other publications are periodically produced to compliment the Strategic Plan, for example, the University of Melbourne Plan 2008, which sets the University's performance against its goals in research and research training, learning and teaching, and knowledge transfer.

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Operational plans

Operational plans describe how strategic goals will be met. They list specific actions to be taken and targets to be achieved.

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Annual & investment reports

The Annual Reports cover the financial year from 1 January to 31 December. They are tabled in the Victorian Parliament, and then published as a public record of the University's activities, achievements and financial position. The Investment Reports cover the financial year from 1 January to 31 December. These are published as a record of the University's investment portfolio balance, returns, structure, governance and management.

Annual reports are available as PDF documents. To request a printed copy, or another digital format, please email or telephone +(61 3) 8344 6136.

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